We realize that you must have a ton of questions, so we have grouped the questions tothe most frequently asked questions,to better help you with your queries.


Why we must take training continues after travel agent?
For information on innovations to better sell new products in the industry, They Are launches annual brochures or exclusive products.

Can I sell an effective trip with your training?
It is the purpose of the training, HOWEVER, you must Obtain a certificate of travel beforehand and Malthus be affiliated with a travel agency.

Is what I am engaged by an agency time immediately after training?
YES, if you join one of the travel agency in Canada by your job’s list.

Once the purchase of self-education (e-learning) is, how long do I have to study?
As long as you would like, because once the training you receive controlled via an electronic platform that is consistent with your computer, smartphones tablet / ipad. Not does this takes up training at your own pace, but your life purpose including daily updates.

Who is training to become a home base travel agent?
For anyone aged 18 and older employed or unemployed who wants their Dreams and their passions finally make become reality. Selling tour of the house, take advantage of the travel and explore new destinations at low cost industry.

What is the work of a home base travel agent?
A home base travel agent, this is a person who performs the same work as agent agency, order from home. It can work at your own schedule, at yout own pace. You must Satisfy your customers to see by selling the product em MOST suited to Their taste and needs. This is research job. The agent must keep abreast of all gold exchange Developments in the field. Continuing education is required Effective basic training.

What is the Difference between a ”internal” and ”external” travel agent?
The big difference is in-house counsel who regularly works full-time in an agency travel gear on the street and has calculated previously Followed more comprehensive training for a thousand hours to learn about additional aspects year external advisor Does not-have to learn as accounting, administration, second languages ​​(optional) as well as geography. The home base travel agent learns the MOST comprehensive database in order to make reservations without problem.

What is the commission of a home base travel agent & benefits?
Generally commissions start at 50% and can go up to 90% DEPENDING on your understanding and your annual sales. For more details: http://travelacademy.ca/benefits-2/

Does it meet the customers home or if the meeting at the agency?
According To the law of the mutual fund, the travel agent are in a ”gray zone”, Officially you need to meet in a public place or agency with whatever you are affiliated with , if not by phone. You do not have the right to invite people into your home, HOWEVER I agree that the immediate clientele comes from your friends & family. In some provinces of Canada you can meet people to your home.

Is he must use the phone number of the agency or a personal number so customers that contact?
On the business cards you need to-have your cell phone number and not the number in the home and office (agency), customers must at all times be ble to speak with a member of the agency with whatever they buy.

Is that for tax in purposes, the travel agency with all which I am affiliated T4 or T4A must produce me or others?
Agency produces a T4A you, because you already have a job and cannot do deductions at the source since it may cost you change differently. It is you or your accountant at the end of the year to introduce this income that you already have.

Does the counselor external travel is considered an independent or self-employed?
Since you work away from home your hours you are self-employed considered therefore, you get the benefits. Deductions for expenses related to your business travel counselor, you can learn to benefit from your accountant

Is an outside advisor shoulds go or if the billing agency to agency billing?
Everything depends on the agency with all which you do business, some are invoices for you and others provide the software you’re connecting to online bills without moving.

In addition to the certificate of travel counselor do they have any other license or registration to do with the federal and provincial governments?
None, this is the only law, a certificate of the fund Effective examination.

How can I know the places and dates of exams thesis there?
Everything is explained to you in the first module of our training in addition to a step by step checklist to officially Become a travel agent.

Will i receive a diploma from you?
Only if you purchase the private training because we meet you in person, HOWEVER, if you are a-self-taught you can order your official diploma TravelAcademy.ca: 

Are external advisors are required to report if expenditures they are minimal since they will receive a T4A agency?
Spending are all minimum, allowable on the same tax law, expenses are advantageous for you because you pay less tax at the end of the year, the goal should be between your business travel and your counselors, accountant Placed is best to help you with thesis questions, it is a common method to them.

How long is the training?
1 days to 6 month, all done in your own time.

Is that I can enjoy the benefits of the industry after training without being affiliated with an agency?
Definitely not, because you must be a certified travel agent with proof of license and proof of regular work with a travel agency to be considered a person within the travel industry.



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