Become Home Base Travel Agent without leaving your job!

A ”Home Base Travel Agent” outer journey, is a person who performs the same work as a travel agent but from home. This can work on his own schedule, at your own pace. You must see their tastes and needs to satisfy your customers by selling the product. It is research work. The agent must keep abreast of all the new or changed in the field. Continuing education is required after basic training.

The training offered is the only school to offer a course to become outside travel agent without exception and throughout Canada’s travel industry to be a FULL training without additional supplement for continuous or other training set up to date. In addition to offering 100% mobile training on your smartphone and the iPad or Android Tablets. We train Travel Agents since 2009 and since that time, we are always copied but NEVER EQUALLED! Even our website content and manuals are copied without our knowledge. We are the first and only school in Canada with a mobile application to help you stay up to date. the only school to offer training 100% Eco-responsible, as we are lovers of nature and tourism so we contribute in 2016/2017 to adopt and plant a cashew tree in Guatemala to help families of farmers selling fruits and feed their families every year.

Here you can see our newborn in the hand of Diego

To continue our solidarity to the planet’s footprint, has funded Adjowa in 2016/2017, aged 41 years. Mother of a child living in Lomé, the capital of Togo specifically in a small area called Baguida. She is a retailer of plastic, ice, bread, biscuits and various products in a cabin at the front of his house since 1996 and regularly supplies from a supplier. She turns to our school, to buy goods to sell. Adjowa account the wellbeing of the family sparing the profit made.

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